Rajasthan: Jaipur and Samode

“What it is never cease to be, and what it isn't never shall be”



 Rajasthan is also known as Rajput (Rajput) for being ruled from the sixth to the nineteenth century by the Rajput class, "children of the King". Its capital Jaipur, called the "Pink City" for the color of its buildings, was founded by Jai Singh Maharaha of the Kachwaha dynasty in the in the eighteenth century. He was a great amateur astronomer who built the JantarMantar, an outdoor observatory in the city next to the Royal Palace Chandra Mahal.

 Near Jaipur and passing by the Jal Mahal, a palace located in the middle of a lake, is located Amber Fort, an impressive array of fortified palaces, located on top of a hill and protected by a great wall. Amber was the first state capital founded in the twelfth century and it is accessed on elephant back through a fortified road.

 We made our way to the Palace of Samode, about 40 kms. North of Jaipur. This was built in the sixteenth century initially as fortress dependent of the Rajput of Amber and later transformed into a palace tastefully decorated with a blend of Rajput and Mughal styles.

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