La Alhambra

"Las cosas no valen por el tiempo que duran, sino por las huellas que dejan."

(Proverbio árabe)


 La Alhambra, a jewel of Andalusian art, is composed by a set of palaces, gardens, a fortress or Alcazaba and the Generalife. Inside it a genuine citadel was located within the city of Granada, which served as accommodations to the monarch and the court of Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. .

 Its main attraction resides in the beautiful and elaborate decoration of its interior spaces, the best of Andalusian art, and also in its location, perfectly integrated into the landscape. Thanks to an extensive network of canals, aqueducts and irrigation ditches the water supplywas assured and allowed to maintain within the enclosure a cool environment in the summer months.

 The legend says that it was so strong the spell that La Alhambra exerted on Moorish king Boabdil that he cried when he lost it against the Catholic Monarchs (Ver video).

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