Over the centuries, this land has been a settling place for many cultures: Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians, which have left their mark and legacy, scattered around the country with countless and spectacular samples of culture, art and architecture.


Furthermore, this country enjoys an exceptional weather, natural beauty and over 3,000 kms. of coastline, a fact that makes Spain one of the most visited countries in the world with nearly 100 million visitors in 2011.

Will tour some of its most emblematic places, to show what this country and its people can offer.

Places of interest

Barcelona CADIZ CostaBrava MERIDA Nerja FRIGILIANA P.N.Monfragüe SITGES ArcosdelaFrontera MALAGA TARIFA Besalú RONDA Caceres CostadelSol MADRID MuseoDalí CORDOVA Banyoles TRUJILLO LosBarruecos N.P. Guaaeloupe MONELLS CabodeGata La Alpujarra ALHAMBRA Seville

Galicia Asturias Cantabria Euskadi Rioja Navarra Catalunya Aragon Valencia Murcia Extremadura Madrid Andalucia Castilla-Mancha Castilla-Leon Baleares

Here are some of the cities that once were ancient capital of the empire that extended across the sea, and the Arab world of Al-Andalus.

Andalucia has been the cradle of the culture for centuries, with such illustrious sons as Seneca, Averroes, Federico Garcia Lorca, or Picasso, who have given this land the recognition it has today.

Its history, its festivals, its landscapes full of beautiful nature reserves and beaches, and the joy and warmth of its people, are the signs of identity of this fortunate land, bathed in sunshine.

Cabo de Gata
La Alpujarra
La Alhambra

Land of the great conquerors of the New World, such as Hernán Cortés and Francisco Pizarro, wich in the fifteenth century conquered the Inca and Aztec empires.

Called Lusitania by the Romans, who founded Emerita Augusta, Merida today, one of their three capitals in Spain, and where still today you can appreciate its strong legacy such as the Theatre, Forum, temples and aqueducts.

Crossed by two of the country's largest rivers, the Tajo and the Guadiana, which make of this land a fruitful field where all kinds of fruits, vegetables, paprika and fine wines are produced. Their dehesas with their livestock, produce some of the world's best Iberian products.

Caceres around

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