Cadiz, the "silver little cup"

 The ancient Gadir (fortress), founded by the Phoenicians in the twelfth century BC, was one of the major European cities of antiquity by its strategic location between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, in addition to its maritime commercial vocation. During the Roman occupation became the second most populous city of the empire, just behind Rome, and in the Middle Ages had the monopoly of trade with the New World, from his docks departed illustrious navigators like Christopher Columbus port.

 Cadiz had the privilege of being the scene where the first Spanish Constitution was promulgated by the Parliament of Spain in Cadiz in 1812. It is popularly known as “La Pepa” to coincide with the day of San José (Pepe in colloquially).

 From the top of the Torre Tavira, one of the many watchtowers of the city we discover some of the most emblematic places: Santa Cruz Cathedral, Caleta beach with the Palma Health building, the Castle of Santa Catalina and San Sebastian, the Bulwark of the Candelaria, the neighborhood of Vine and much more to discover.

 One of the most ancient cities of the West, home of the country's first constitution, and bathed by a special light.

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