Cáceres, from Rome to the Middle Age

 Founded by Lucio Cornelio Balbo around 25 BC, Norba Caesarina was an important Roman colony that would resurface with renewed force during Arab domination which lasted until 1229 when the lands were recovered for the Christians by Alfonso IX of Leon.

 Since S.XIII this property of the Crown was populated with aristocratic families of the northern of the peninsula, fundamental basis of the current invaluable monumental heritage of Cáceres. In the XVI century the monumental complex is completed being World Heritage Site since 1986.

 A city and three cultures in which one feels transported back in time wondering around the beautiful medieval city in which protrude palaces, churches and defensive buildings. We mention only a few such as the Plaza Mayor, Plaza of San Jorge or San Mateo, Toledo-Mocteuma house, Santiago Church and the Santa Maria concathedral.

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