The High Alpujarra

"A book is like a garden carried in the pocket"

(Arabian proverb)


 The High Alpujarra, under the summits of Mulhacen and Veleta, is strewn with white villages placed more than 1,000 meters high, as that slide down by the Poqueira ravine: Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira. Its sign of identity is the rustic architecture of Moorish tradition, fully adapted to the environment and built with local materials: stone, slate, chestnut wood and "launa", that gray clay responsible for waterproofing the "terraos".

 Due to the land orography the houses seem to rush down the slopes of the mountain to the deep valleys. The steep streets with a central canal. The houses staggered in levels are communicated through passageways or "tinaos" covering the streets sheltered from the summer sunshine or snow in winter.

 Its typical chimneys over the terraos are part of the unmistakable landscape of Berber heritage, as the irrigation system with water canals that take advantage of summits and distributed all over the ravine.

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