"Who has not seen Seville, has not seen wonder"

(Antonio Gala)


 Seville, the former Hispalis is a city that invites you to explore by foot, to sit on its countless terraces to enjoy its wines and "tapas" and to get lost in its streets and squares full of history. A history that we discover at each step we take when we explore its old town, the largest in Spain, and one of the three largest in Europe, where churches and emblematic monuments such as the Cathedral (the Giralda), Royal Alcazar, the Archive of the Indies, the Torre del Oro, and the Plaza of Spain inaugurated the Exhibition of 1929, many of them declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, will come out to meey us.

 But Sevilla is also a city with large and beautiful gardens, and crossed by the Guadalquivir river that with Its high torque makes it the only river port in the country.

 Sevilla breathes color and scent of party with its festooned carriages and flamenco dresses in the april Fair, with the aroma of jasmine and orange blossoms in spring, with the joy and kindness of its people, and at the same time breathes passion and emotion in its impressive Easter processions.

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