Ronda, the jewel of the mountain range

 Ronda is a village in the mountains of Malaga with a glorious past full of history, famous for its stately homes and manor mansions, but mainly for its very peculiar urban geography. The town is perched on the famous Tajo de Ronda, a gorge of nearly one hundred meters deep dug by Guadalevin River that divides the city into two.

 That is the most famous image of the city, the impressive New Bridge whose route allows joining the two most important neighborhoods of Ronda. From here we can contemplate the old hanging houses that overlook the two banks of the great gorge and watch from their gardens and fields surrounding the city and the snaking depths through which the Guadalevin runs.


 Ronda has a great heritage which includes: Almocabar Gate, the Palace of the Marquis of Salvatierra in the Arab Wall, and the churches of St. Mary Major, the Holy Spirit, the Relief or the Convent of Mercy among many other. La Ronda bullfighting tradition lives in the bullring of the Royal Maestranza, one of the most beautiful in the country.

 Romans and arabs settled in this plateau, crossed by the Guadalevin river. The best kept secret of the Highlands.

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