“Books, paths and days give man wisdom”

(Arabian proverb)


 As close as unknown, Morocco kingdom can boast of having something to offer to each type of traveller. Arts, hadcrafts and a millenary culture in its splendid imperial cities. A fleeting past in common for Spanish around the mountains of the Rif, the peace and the breathtaking beauty of the kashbas and oasis in the desert, or maybe just the relax of a virtually virgin coastline and yet to explore.

 Morocco is a friendly and hospitable destination, a must for any traveler where the exoticism, the cultural heritage and the colour not just don´t let anyone indifferent but becomes a favourite destination again and again revisited.

 Turn back the clock is possible by entering in one of the many ancient medina of Fez or Marrakech, World Heritage where the smells and sounds take us to the Middle Age in the Magreb and were we will observe ways of life now disappeared in occident.

Atlas & Kasbah

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